Our office is located on Rt.25A, Northport, New York, in a private, comfortable, and serene setting that is conducive to healing. It is easily accessed and has ample parking.
Financial Information
TMS may be covered by Insurance on a case by case basis. Please contact your insurance to see if TMS is covered under your policy. We will supply all necessary documents to help you with reimbursement.
In the meantime, patients are currently personally responsible for payment for the treatment course. Payment arrangements and options will be discussed during your consultation visit. Your consultation visit itself is charged to your insurance, and we will waive your copayment, so your consultation is free.
Available Services
  • Psychopharmacology (Medications, evaluation, and management)
  • Individual psychotherapy (Cognitive, Supportive/Motivational, and Insight-oriented)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
At the TMS Medical Therapy of Suffolk County, P.C., we provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions and review past treatments. Together with the patient we develop clear treatment goals and a plan to achieve those goals.